October 28, 2020


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DIM supplements – Functions and Benefits

DIM Supplement Estrogen-Balancing Benefits | All Natural Ideas

DIM supplements – Functions and Benefits. Estrogen hormone is a hormone that is important for sexual development and reproduction, especially in women.
Estrogens are also referred to as sex hormones in women. The term “estrogen” refers to a group of chemical hormones consisting of estrone, estradiol (primary in women of reproductive age), and estriol.
Female Hormone Activator the best dim supplements are health standard products for:

  • Balances and activates the hormone estrogen.
  • Enlarging breasts, firmer, denser and rounder.
  • Repair and improve skin elasticity.
  • Increase the growth of new cells.
  • Acting as an ANTI-AGING compound.
  • Repair damaged skin tissue and rough texture until the skin looks plump and bouncy.

The function of Estrogen Hormones

In women, estrogen is produced primarily by the ovaries but is also produced by fat cells and the adrenal glands.
Estrogen plays a role in puberty, playing a role in the development of secondary sex characteristics or characteristics, such as breast growth, pubic hair, and armpits.

Estrogen also helps regulate the menstrual cycle, controlling the growth of the uterine lining during the start of the menstrual cycle.
If a woman’s egg is not fertilized, estrogen levels will drop sharply and menstruation occurs.
However, if the egg is fertilized, estrogen will work with progesterone, to stop ovulation during pregnancy, which means no menstruation occurs.

An equally important function of estrogen is to control lactation and other changes in the breast, including during adolescence and during pregnancy.
During pregnancy, the placenta produces estrogen, especially the hormone estriol.

Estrogen hormone levels in women are higher than men.
The hormone estrogen in women has an important role in sexual development at puberty.

When estrogen levels begin to decline in middle age, the process of rebuilding bones slows down, therefore women who have entered menopause end up breaking down their bones more quickly and even four times more likely to have osteoporosis than men.

Another function of estrogen is that it affects the skin, hair, mucous membranes, and pelvic muscles, according to Johns Hopkins Medicine.
This hormone also affects the brain, and research has also shown that low, prolonged levels of estrogen are associated with poor moods.

Men produce estrogen too, but to a lesser extent than women.
Meanwhile in men, one of the functions of estrogen is to control sperm health.
However, if the estrogen levels in men are too high, there can be decreased sperm quality and erectile dysfunction.

Reproductive hormone health can be maintained by adopting a healthy lifestyle, such as eating healthy and nutrient-rich foods, doing regular exercise, managing stress well, and getting enough sleep.

In addition, if you still have the habit of smoking and consuming alcohol, it is advisable to start leaving it.
An imbalance in reproductive hormone levels can cause a wide variety of health problems, from obesity to osteoporosis.
In women, this can be characterized by irregular menstrual cycles, while in men it can be characterized by decreased sexual desire.

Functions and Benefits DIM supplements

If you experience the above signs of a hormonal imbalance, DIM supplements are supplements for estrogen balance.
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Real and permanent results in a matter of days, provided that it is consumed regularly.
Safe, herbal extracts, no chemicals.
It is absorbed very quickly into the breast to penetrate deeply allowing maximum results to be applied directly to the target tissue.
The end result is to tighten and increase breasts & buttocks.