October 3, 2022


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Do Legal Research Platforms Include Today’s Secondary Law?

As LexBlog’s legal website grows, I acquired to thinking if legal professionals had entry to today’s secondary regulation. They do not.

Secondary regulation, as opposed to key regulation of conditions, codes/statutes and rules, are resources that describe, criticize, examine, or help locate primary law. 

Illustrations of secondary regulation could consist of a regulation overview or regulation journal. 

However not precedent, I routinely cited and study pieces from the American Regulation Evaluation to a judge as a persuasive. It labored regularly, getting the term of an authority in a area of interest. 

Now, by virtue area of interest authorities who now website, some of the ideal secondary regulation is in legal blogs. 

But, most legal research providers do not consist of legal blogs in their databases.

A person LexBlog companion does, other legal research platforms do not. 

The bigger legal research providers could want to keep secondary regulation at the rear of a paywall, just as they do for key regulation.

In the case of newer legal research providers, I do not know the challenge, Probably it is partnerships they have precluding legal blogs. Probably it is priorities. 

Technological innovation is not the issue. LexBlog collects the website posts and accompanying metadata and can make it out there by means of an API. 

As LexBlog’s products and solutions extend beyond that of a website platform to the byproducts of a legal running a blog group, the evolution of secondary regulation to consist of legal blogs will very likely have us in in the middle of entry to this sort of regulation.