Episode 104: The Evolution of Legal Marketing with Craig Greening

Claud Mccoid

Today we have Texas Lawyer Craig Greening on the Podcast to discuss the growth of his law practice and the evolution of the legal marketing landscape. Craig is a former district attorney who prosecuted numerous DWI and felony cases. Craig has been practicing more than two decades and opened his own office in 2010. Craig is a state board certified specialist in Criminal Trial Law and author of the Fifth Circuit Criminal Handbook.



Listen to Craig explain how marketing has evolved in the legal industry as well as in his practice specifically.


Uncover some of secrets to Craig’s success in competing in a large market.


Hear some of the game changing moments of Greening Law’s growth that have completely changed the trajectory of Craig’s firm.


Learn why having a coach or mentor is one of the keys to success in elevating your law practice.

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