June 13, 2024


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Episode 105: Challenging the Officer Hand Off

Now on the podcast Jake discusses 1 of the most crucial parts of DWI Protection for the reason that of the frequency with which it is used by regulation enforcement: the officer hand off. Quite a few DWI investigations start off with a halting officer who has limited training in DWI. These inexperienced DWI officers will contact for a 2nd officer to arrive to the scene to do a DWI investigation and ascertain if the driver is impaired. These eventualities are generally rife with seizure concerns, both equally in conditions of unlawfully prolonging an to begin with legitimate cease, and in quite possibly changing the investigation into a de facto arrest necessitating probable induce. If you protect DWI instances in North Carolina today’s episode is a need to hear.


Pay attention to Jake evaluate Rodriguez v. United States in the context of prolonging a site visitors cease to conduct a DWI investigation.


Uncover the case regulation and reasoning as to why the odor of alcoholic beverages on your own does not give an officer sensible suspicion to extend a targeted traffic halt.


Learn when the courts have established that a de facto arrest has occurred thus requiring the Point out to exhibit that possible bring about for the arrest existed (just before the 2nd officer arrives on scene).


Study why DWI investigatory hand off conditions are so widespread in legislation enforcement and why this is making circumstance where 4th Modification challenges are so possible to occur.

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