March 15, 2023


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Episode 109: Public Vehicular Area (PVA) Element

A single of the critical aspects of Driving Whilst Impaired needs the State to confirm in which the driving occurred. For purposes of DUI, the driving have to happen on a road, highway, or public vehicular region. On today’s episode, Jake seems in depth at this element, such as the statutes and case regulation that define this component of DWI. If you want to find out how to current a PVA difficulty to each a choose and to a jury, this episode is for you.



Listen to Jake pound residence the value of emphasizing this component to your decide or jury and the burden of proof that comes with it.


Uncover the statutory framework for defining street, highway, general public vehicular region, and personal road.


Uncover the case legislation associated with this ingredient and a deep dive on State v. Ricks, a North Carolina Courtroom of Appeals circumstance that grappled with the public vehicular spot challenge.


Discover why it is vital to do website investigations on any scenario involving a PVA concern.

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