December 6, 2023


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Episode 116: Effective Use of Officer Reports in Cross Examination

In any demo, a law firm value her salt desires to stay away from uncertainty with regards to the testimony that will occur out at demo. Practical or hurtful as the testimony might be, recognizing what an officer is likely to say from the witness stand is vital to assessing the chances of achievement at trial and effectively defending a shopper charged with DWI. In this episode find out the worth of the officer’s report and how to lock the officer into the observations noted in his industry notes and the written report. As the Standard Law Enforcement Coaching Manuel notes: “If it is not written down, it didn’t occur.”



Uncover the references in the NHTSA Participant Handbook and BLET Student Handbook conveying the importance to officers of apparent, entire, and precise report writing.


Uncover the straightforward string of thoughts that will lock the officer into the four corners of their report throughout cross-evaluation.


Understand the variation among area notes (often jotted down at the roadside) and the ultimate penned report of the officer and how each are emphasized as necessary in the course of officer training.


Study the a few types of conversation the State employs to convey the narrative of what occurred for the duration of a DWI investigation and how these three narratives interaction and may contradict just one an additional.

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