October 4, 2023


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Everything you need to Know about Appeal for Dismissal at a Medical School

Sample Appeal Letter—Academic Dismissal from College

It is not easy to get into a medical college. People work out of their way day and night to get into medical school. And all the hard work multiplies when they get in as the routes of medical schools are rigorous. The medical students are further, subject to many factors, unlike the other students. Their academic performance, clinical knowledge, and how they conduct themselves inside and outside the college are taken into consideration. Any violation of the medical school rule or misconduct can subject them to dismissal. If you are facing dismissal from your medical college you can appeal dismissal from medical school

Ground of Appeal

Whatever may be the reason for dismissal, poor academic performance, substandard clinical evaluation, misconduct of a school rule, etc., you will be given a chance to present your side of the story. To prove your innocence, you need to provide valid evidence to support yourself. Most medical schools accept two permissible grounds for an appeal:

  • Improper conduct 
  • Extenuating 

If you are planning to appeal, make sure that your appeal is based on the aforementioned grounds. 

Improper Conduct

Being merely dissatisfied with the decision will not help you as you will need valid grounds to question the dismissal. Ensure you are appealing for dismissal if you are sure that the school authority was wrong at some point. 

Extenuation Situations

If your academics have been hindered by some unplanned circumstances, you can appeal on basis of extenuating situations. For example:

  • Medical or psychological issues: If you are facing some mental health problems and you have got diagnosed or if you are extremely ill or have met an accident; and these circumstances are preventing you from your academics.
  • Financial issues: In case you have become jobless and are unable to pay your bills.
  • Any kind of family crisis or sudden death: If someone in your family is seriously ill or someone has lost their life and it is keeping you busy. 


If you are not sure how to handle the whole appeal process and getting intimidated or overwhelmed, you can hire a dismissal appeal attorney. They have experience in handling such cases and they will work for you so that you do not face any serious consequences. Dismissal from medical school is a very serious matter and will harm your career.