April 19, 2024


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Factors to Consider When Choosing the Right Packaging Tape

If your business regularly ships out boxes to clients, it’s very likely that you end up going through a lot of packaging tape. While packaging tape may initially take second place to the priorities of the quality of the product and the box filler that keeps the product safe, it should actually be higher on your list. No matter how great the product and how safe the filler is, without the right packaging tape to keep it together, you’re going to have unhappy customers with damaged products. There are many factors you need to consider when deciding on the tape to package your valuable products.
The very first factor you need to consider is the grade of the tape. Carton sealing tapes come in a variety of different grades, which are varying levels of adhesive thickness and film. The heavier the grade of tape, the more expensive it will be due to the fact that it can hold a heavier amount of stress. The various factors you’ll need to consider when it comes to deciding on the right tape grade is the weight of the content, the sizes of the cartons, and the type of environment the package will endure during the shipping process.
The way your business applies the tape is going to be another important factor to consider. There are two general ways that packaging tape can be applied, manually or automatically. With a manual application, you want to consider how easily the tape comes off the roll, how prone it is to initial stickage to the cardboard, and how easily it can break or tear. With an automatic application, you need to be mainly concerned with how well the tape unwinds from the roll and you may need to focus on quiet tapes to dampen the noisy packaging environment.
The overall quality of the tape is going to be a necessary concern for any business. While a tape may go on great during the initial packaging stage, it may not last throughout the entire shipment. You need to look at the quality control measures that are taken by the packaging suppliers to see which tapes withstand the best as you want to ensure the products stay safe on their way to your customers.
The material the tape is made out of is another factor you want to consider. There are tapes that are made from wax, recycled items, and other materials. Depending on the message you’re trying to portray and the products you ship, you may find that one of these materials is going to be the better option over the rest. For example, if your business doesn’t ship overly heavy items and you want to show your environmentally-friendly side, you may opt for tape made from recycled items. This type of tape may not work for businesses who regularly deal with shipping heavy items.
Packaging tape, although a simple product, can make a world of difference in the way your customers perceive your company. If you choose a tape that doesn’t last or can’t handle the weight of the products you usually ship, it’s likely your customers are going to be highly disappointed as their products are damaged. Be sure to take all of the factors above into consideration when deciding on which tape is best for your company so you can assure your good image stays intact with your customers.