December 5, 2023


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Follow the footstep of Chris Oyakhilome: The Gods pathway to religion

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome who was initially known as Chris Oyakhilome before the call of God to make him his representative is one of the most inspirational people who preach religious sermons and the message of Jesus to people from all across the world


Founder of the Christ embassy

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is known to be the founder of the Christ embassy that has almost a million members from all across the world. He is known to preach religious sermons and the message of God and also spreads the language of hope, faith and love to people.This is what attracts people as well as young children to him. Pastor Chris is also well known for sharing the language of God in a simple layman’s language to tell people what Christ has in store for them. He is also known to preside over a large network of Christ embassy churches and believers who have blind faith in God as well as his preaching’s.

His religious teachings have inspired a lot of people

Chris Oyakhilome teachings have inspired millions from all over the world.He not only holds conferences and functions in his day to day life, but his preaching’s also live telecastin Episodes of Pastor Chris teaching.He is also seen in various channels in the UK and USA like in World SAT in South-Africa, major terrestrial television networks and radio stations, Africa and Love World PLUS in Nigeria. Chris pastor preaches religious sermons in a way so that people can feel the presence of God in their lives. They believe that God and his miracles exist truly along with his blessings.

Shares a book

Apart from live telecasts in TV programs, Chris pastor also has published a religious book that has various religious preaching’sand sermons this is published in various languages so that people can read themwell. This is what makes his famous and well reputed.