October 1, 2023


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From Pink Slips To Greenbacks: The Biglaw 2020 Story — See Also

This Is Likely To Damage You Way Additional Than It Hurts Me: Biglaw companies created cuts in 2020 complaining of an unsure organization local climate. They typically came out more robust for it.
The Greatest In The Match: The planet legislation university position is out and the leading legislation university isn’t really even the leading ranked university in its personal state. Or may possibly we be seeing a shakeup in the national rankings coming far too?
But Seriously, How Was The Foodstuff?: An lawyer in India provided us with the most incredible 3 seconds of pure worry caught on movie these days. Totally priceless. Hey, legal professionals acquired to eat far too.
You will find No “I” In Crew: The Republican Bash requires money and Donald Trump isn’t going to want folks to donate, preferring to keep all fundraising via his private PAC.