June 23, 2024


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How to Become Vice President in 7 Easy Steps!

The lifetime of a politician is not an uncomplicated a single. Becoming vice president is primarily not uncomplicated. Yet, lots of see it as a stepping stone to the White Residence. So how do you turn out to be vice president?

In fact, of the 49 men and women to have held the business of vice president (Kamala Harris currently being the 49th), 15 have absent on to turn out to be president!

While this is not necessarily the only way you could go on to grow to be vice president, the adhering to is by much the most frequent way, and the a single most likely to produce good results (centered on the backgrounds of preceding vice presidents).

1. Have an Desire in Politics

2. Achieve Some Life Practical experience

3. Get Elected

4. Join a Ticket

5. Campaign

6. Get Elected

7. Come to be President!