February 22, 2024


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Human and Civil Rights Violations Continue to Happen In the United States

Human and civil rights violations typically happen in quite a few elements of the United States as illustrated by recent voting and relationship regulations passed in State Legislatures, miscarriages of justice happening by means of verdicts rendered in our judicial system, bias and discrimination having spot at the corporate level and bullying in our faculties. When they get area, these violations have a significant negative affect on community race associations, can lead to civil disobedience and strife and occasionally even threaten our capability to preserve law and buy. What avenues are open to us to avert their long run prevalence?

An Evaluation of our Present-day Race Interactions Based Upon Sixty Yrs of Observation

I am not an pro in race relations but grew up with the civil legal rights motion in full swing and observed what transpired in excess of the previous sixty yrs equally in Florida and the nation at significant. The greatest way I know to solve civil legal rights difficulties these kinds of as people described is to stop them from going on in the initial position by reducing the fundamental will cause, but that is not constantly attainable and when it is doable it does not take place overnight.

The American civil rights motion has brought us a great deal development in race relationships by way of the efforts of Dr Martin Luther King, the American Civil Liberties Union, the passage of the Civil Legal rights Act of 1964 and the Voting Rights Act of 1965 by the United States Congress signed into regulation by President Lyndon B. Johnson and the well documented efforts of plenty of other people.

But even while our state has elected its first black President, in stage of reality our numerous racial teams if provided a alternative nevertheless look to favor to mingle with users of their possess race most of the time. This self-imposed distancing of the races from one yet another when and the place it occurs undermines mutual understanding and respect, gives the opportunity for misunderstandings to come up and sometimes becomes the match that ignites civil disobedience when perceived violations of human rights take place. Protests and demonstrations getting area as a consequence of voter suppression laws, relationship inequality and alleged miscarriages of justice arising from unpopular jury verdicts illustrate my level.

My emphasis will be primarily on the voter suppression regulations in procedure through the 2012 Presidential election.

Human and civil rights violations illustrated by voting legislation handed in State Legislatures

When legal guidelines these kinds of as these shown below turn into regulation with the deliberate but sub-rosa intent to reduced the share of minority voters likely to the polls and casting ballots due to the fact the party passing this kind of laws gets considerably much less assist from those people voters than the opposition get together gets, it is a deliberate impairment of racial harmony and an noticeable attempt on the component of the political party in office environment to hold power at all fees even by violating human and civil legal rights. The guidelines and procedures talked about are reminiscent of legal guidelines enacted by so-known as “banana republics”. When people laws will not have the meant final result and the election is shed by the celebration passing them what is following? A army junta? It is outrageous for a political bash in the United States to stoop to that level. If a political party cannot get a majority vote in a lawful and moral way then it has no appropriate to win election. Take into consideration these methods for a minute all of which have been just lately utilized in making an attempt to acquire elections.

  • Make registering to vote more difficult.
  • Impose restrictive and burdensome identification necessities as a pre-requisite to registering to vote and casting your ballot.
  • Prohibit exact working day registration on the day of the common election.
  • Reduce the range of early voting times to a minimal.
  • Get rid of early voting on Sunday – a working day on which a lot of voters of colour prefer to cast their ballots.
  • Make voting as inconvenient as achievable for those people who do not commonly vote for you.
  • Intentionally distribute fliers in Spanish misstating the date of the election and demonstrating it held on a date afterwards than the day for which it experienced been scheduled.
  • Put numerous a lot more voting equipment in favored precincts than you put in precincts dominated by the opposing occasion to assure long traces and delays in voting in precincts dominated by the opposing celebration and make positive only small lines exist in the precincts dominated by the celebration in electricity.
  • Shorten the hrs the polls remain open.

Wherever these discriminatory makes an attempt to suppress minority rights exist the subsequent time a situation develops that people minorities consider discriminatory – these as a miscarriage of justice in a court trial – it will ignite and mobilize civil rights advocates, initiate litigation, lead to public protests and convey about petitions to the federal government officials for the redress of grievances. Is developing the want for such action to continue to keep and exercising rights to which we are all obviously entitled in the finest passions of racial harmony? Is it in the national interest to make it possible for these techniques to continue? Enable the reader be the decide of the appropriateness of these motion.

It is particularly disappointing, that even just after a long time of work – legal, judicial, general public and non-public, individual and company to give equal chances and established up a stage playing subject for all we are however striving to dig ourselves out from under the quagmire developed by the perspective of individuals who are frozen in time and unwilling to see the will need to alter their angle.


We should continue to teach our young children to comprehend the underpinnings and terrific value of the American civil legal rights motion, its causes and the sacrificed life that brought it about. And we have to instill in them the need to have to firmly dedicate to legal equality for all: black – white (or any other race or coloration), lesbian – gay – bisexual – transgender, or straight, male – female, youthful – aged, and the disabled without regard to religious doctrine or political ideology.

Regard for our racial and cultural variances in all age groups appears to be crucial to beating the lingering remnants of bigotry and detest that from time to time even now disrupts racial harmony and social integration. Previous practices die-challenging. In this case let’s hope they die sooner than afterwards.

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