November 29, 2023


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Lawyers and Law Firms Not Well Served Setting Up Own Blog Sites

Do it yourself law blogs

Of system I have a dog in this hunt, and perhaps I am being less than resourceful with a article on this matter, but listen to me out on a thing that seams to be widespread perception.

Legal professionals and regulation companies are not nicely served in location up their personal website web sites.

On Reddit anyone questioned this week about location up their personal website.

One man or woman responded that they were being a software package engineer and that they were being fascinated in discovering how to set up a WordPress website website – and concept – from scratch.

He shared it took him a ton of time that could have been better used blogging. If blogging is greatest your intention, he stated, rather than emotion compelled to know how to set up a website from scratch, location up a website is a key distraction.

Along the exact vein, Kevin Vermeulen of Good2bSocial wrote yesterday about the instruments legal professionals and regulation companies can use to get started with podcasts. Fifteen instruments for many areas of podcasting.

Vermeulen’s article is a superior one particular, but does a lawyer – or most regulation companies – want to wade by and examination fifteen instruments for podcasting.

For the exact motive that shoppers and corporations select legal professionals, rather than do the authorized operate by themselves when they really do not know how to do it – and hardly ever have, why not select a skilled for podcasts.

Back at Reddit, a different man or woman pointed out it’s a ton like a automobile. You get a automobile to delight in driving it, not to make it.

Reddit buyers, nevertheless extra possible to tinker location up a website than most, talked about many matters a do-it-your-selfer was apt not to do, – develop speedy loading web pages (negatively impacting person practical experience and look for),  set up the tech areas for the best possible Website positioning, set up functions, conduct social media optimization etcetera.

There are almost certainly fifteen other matters, together with RSS, social sharing set up and electronic mail subscriptions that a do it you on your own lawyer or organization is going to miss – and unfortunately not know it.

Truth of the matter be informed, LexBlog was started when I couldn’t come across anyone to support me set up a superior website. And even then there were being superior instruments like TypePad.

Legal professionals should glance no further than WordPress for their website. I’d guess just about every corporation delivering gurus a publishing platform makes use of WordPress.

You will almost certainly come across the price for the enterprise system at, adding the functions you are going to want/require, to be about $40 to $fifty a month.

Why not pay back $30 to $fifty a month extra to get a thing tailored for legal professionals set up for you – with training, advertising and marketing, syndication, free of charge ongoing aid and other matters you are going to miss set up adequately, all involved. If you’re not ready to make that sum again – in spades – in operate produced by blogging, the focus of your website and your blogging is misguided.

If it’s not LexBlog, select anyone else to keep away from the do it on your own website set up. Would seem like widespread perception.