May 26, 2024


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Modern Technology Is Exposing Infidelity More Frequently

For a long time, stereotypes like lipstick on a collar or late nights at work have been associated with infidelity. However, couples now notice more subtle changes in behavior that may indicate cheating. These behaviors are often recorded in text logs and other devices.

Recent polls found that 79% of people wouldn’t hesitate to check their partner’s phone if they suspected infidelity. About 34% believe that changing the phone passcode is a sign of cheating. Additionally, 44% of people find it suspicious if the phone rings late at night with texts and calls, while 41% are wary if their partner never leaves their phone alone.

Unreported Credit Card Charges

Some spouses are delving deeper into their partners’ digital records in search of evidence of infidelity. They’ve reported discovering “anonymous confessions” on their spouses’ Reddit accounts, or finding unexplained charges on credit cards from fancy restaurants or intimate clothing stores.

What Frequent Flier Miles Accounts Can Reveal

Electronic tolling systems like EZ-Pass can reveal unusual routes or destinations. For instance, one commenter shared how they used the “Find My Friends app,” typically used to track children, to uncover a rendezvous between a coworker. However, a private investigator warns that being caught is still possible. According to Prestone, “It is easier to be caught if one does not have intelligence, but it is also easier to conceal what one’s doing if they are intelligent.”

Advancements in technology have also made domestic surveillance simpler. Tiny cameras hidden in items like shirt buttons, watches, or coffee cups make documentation easier than ever before.

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