May 8, 2021


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Morning Docket: 04.15.21

* Lawmakers are envisioned to unveil a proposal to insert four justices to the Supreme Court docket. Hope they recognize that 13 is an unfortunate range… [NBC News]

* The Illinois Attorney General’s Office is investigating a hack of its laptop or computer network. [Chicago Tribune]

* A new lawsuit statements a California man was jailed recently since he resembled his brother. Luckily, I you should not seem significantly like my triplet brothers…to their misfortune…! [San Francisco Chronicle]

* A Missouri health practitioner was recently awarded $26 million in a wrongful termination lawsuit. [Bekcer’s Healthcare facility Assessment]

* An Ohio attorney has been reprimanded for carry out that expected a judge to buy the Bart Simpson-esque punishment of repeatedly creating that he would uphold moral criteria. Hope he didn’t explain to the judge to consume his shorts… [ABA Journal]