Notificazione sopre I coloni, che ai santi prossimi mutano colonia: il Senato di Bologna.

Claud Mccoid

In Bologna: Nella stamperia camerale, 1796. 1sheet (1 unnumbered web page) : illustration, coat of arms 46 x 34 cm. “Bologna questo di 8. Ottobre 1796.” Signed in print: Giuseppe Carlo de Bianchi gonfaloniere di giustizia. Broadside consists of woodcut illustration, depicting Liberty standing with Phrygian cap and fasces, and woodcut coat of arms of Bologna. Actions imposed to address cattle plague, which killed 19,000 head in Bologna in 1796.

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Prohibitione de coltelli.

Genoa: Gio. Maria Farroni, 1646. 1 sheet (1 unnumbered webpage) : illustrations forty two x thirty cm. A proclamation forbidding knives of the style depicted in remaining margin. The words and phrases “costa lama” appear on the blade as mirror impression.