July 13, 2024


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PA State Senator Doug Mastriano Holds A Medical Misinformation Panel Discussion

This is how Doug describes it on his Facebook Web page:

A courageous team of medical practitioners and professionals have dared to problem the position quo on COVID. Their studies and conclusions are frequently dismissed by the corporate media, major pharma, and our leaders in Washington and Harrisburg. I am honored to have some of these experts be a part of us in Harrisburg

And here’s the poster:

Let’s get a appear at his Covid-19 experts, shall we?

Dr Peter McCullough

This is how Dr McCullough shows up on Healthfeedback:

The Joe Rogan Experience, a podcast hosted by actor and comedian Joe Rogan, interviewed cardiologist Peter McCullough in December 2021. In the course of the job interview, which spanned about two hrs and 45 minutes, McCullough built numerous inaccurate, deceptive and/or unsubstantiated promises about the COVID-19 pandemic and the COVID-19 vaccines.

Among the McCullough’s inaccuracies and then the actual professional information and facts:

“Masks only filter out about 3 microns. The virus is a single micron.”:

The claim that masks never function mainly because the pore measurement is bigger than the virus was a well known one particular in 2020. It was formerly reviewed by Wellness Comments and discovered to be deceptive. The declare displays a lack of comprehension about how virus transmission works. When it is true that a virus particle is lesser than a person micron (a millionth of a meter) and therefore smaller than the pore sizing of a mask, virus particles can’t vacation in the air on their own. Alternatively, they need to have to be carried by liquid droplets, and these are much larger than the pore dimensions of masks. By blocking the liquid droplets, masks also block the unfold of the virus contained inside of.

“But in the scenario the place it’s well-documented and you are sick, you are carried out. You fundamentally have long lasting immunity.”:

It’s false to declare that people today who have had COVID-19 create “permanent immunity”. We know this due to the fact reinfections take place[3-6]. Scientists at Imperial School London also obtained information suggesting that the possibility of reinfection posed by Omicron is increased than for Delta. This implies that an infection-induced immunity isn’t everlasting and the defense it supplies will vary dependent on the variants in circulation. Even so, Clive Dix, the previous chair of the U.K. Vaccine Taskforce, advised Reuters that “we even now really don’t have ample data” and that selected variables, like mobile immune reaction, weren’t accounted for in the examine.

 “The vaccines are investigation. They are all investigational investigation. And so nobody can inspire anyone to choose a vaccine. By the way, that violates the Nuremberg Code.”

At this place in time, the COVID-19 vaccines are no lengthier investigational. Their safety and efficacy were set up in scientific trials involving tens of thousands of men and women right before EUAs have been granted[7,8]. On top of that, the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine now has comprehensive Food and drug administration acceptance.

COVID-19 vaccination campaigns really do not violate the Nuremberg Code either, as Wellness Feedback spelled out earlier. The Nuremberg Code especially addresses experimentation on human topics and was made in 1947 during a trial of Nazi medical doctors that carried out experiments on focus camp prisoners. But COVID-19 vaccines are not experimental, hence the Nuremberg Code does not implement. 

You will find additional in Healthfeedback’s debunking but you get the gist. Here’s their summary of just how inaccurate Dr Peter McCullough was:

Inaccurate: The COVID-19 vaccines are not experimental. Their security and efficacy have been demonstrated in scientific trials that involved tens of thousands of folks. Previously contaminated individuals do not have “permanent immunity”, provided that reinfections can and have happened.
Unsupported: No evidence was presented for the assertions that the pandemic was prepared or that experts and/or public well being authorities are conspiring to protect against people today from getting early treatment. There is also no evidence for the declare that the spike protein generated by mRNA vaccination is dangerous. 

Then there’s Mastriano’s other “qualified” Dr Bryan Ardis.

Dr Bryan Ardis is not a health-related health care provider. He’s not an MD or a DO. His instruction is as a Chiropractor.

That on your own invalidates him as any type of professional on Covid-19.

Nonetheless he’s finished some rather unpleasant stuff pertaining to Covid.

Acquire a look at this from the AP:

Assert: Lungs filling with fluid and kidney failure are basically side outcomes of remdesivir, a treatment permitted for COVID-19, not signs of the illness by itself.

AP’S Assessment: Phony. Critical COVID-19, not the drug remdesivir, has been identified to result in fluid in the lungs and renal failure.

THE Points: Remarks built by a former chiropractor are circulating online, spreading untrue data about an antiviral medicine used to handle COVID-19.

Bryan Ardis falsely claims that COVID-19 is not killing tens of millions of Individuals, and that the deaths are in fact currently being prompted by the use of remdesivir to take care of hospitalized patients. His inaccuracies about the drug have been extensively shared in textual content and online video posts on Twitter and Fb.

Ardis has intensely criticized remdesivir on converse reveals exactly where he spreads falsehoods about the drug. Health-related specialists who have examined the drug have dismissed Ardis’s claims, expressing that the indicators described are very clear signals of crucial COVID-19 and are not brought on by remdesivir. Ardis could not immediately be achieved for comment.[Emphasis added.]

These are the
“specialists” PA State Senator Doug Mastriano is making use of on his Covid-19 misinformation panel A non-epidemiologist who spreads health care misinformation and a non-clinical health practitioner who spreads healthcare misinformation.

Shouldn’t Pennsylvania Condition Senator Doug Mastriano be concentrating, instead, on the Congressional subpoena he was sent a couple of weeks ago?

He was subpoenaed to show up in advance of Congress to testify about what he is aware of about Donald Trump’s attainable prison conspiracy to defraud the American people today.

Also, the more he pushes his followers away from real clinical science (the vaccines are secure and they get the job done, for instance) the far more he is putting all those pretty exact same followers’ wellness at chance.

Shame on him for that.