February 28, 2024


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Parental Alienation Memoir Critique – A Father’s Heartbreak

Michael Jeffries’ memoir, A Family’s Heartbreak – A Parent’s Introduction to Parental Alienation, describes his changeover from beloved father, to exiled company. It is a agonizing, but engrossing read through. The guide is aspect ‘Dear Diary’, section window into the therapist/affected individual partnership, and element educational treatise on the several neuroses and individuality disorders that led to the residing hell that Jeffries seasoned, and in some means is still residing.

Like a pointillist portray, the place the further more back you stand, the clearer the picture results in being, Parental Alienation is a series of seemingly innocent mis-communications, or considerations for the nicely-getting of a baby and it is only when the dots are linked that you see the comprehensive photo.

Jeffries went from the American Desire of spouse, and two loving boys, to the nightmare of Parental Alienation, which is a condition exactly where one particular mum or dad, usually the mom, actively performs to demolish the partnership involving the other parent and a boy or girl. The at just one time loving son, was turned in opposition to him by an ex-wife whose own fears of abandonment and insecurities destroyed the marriage among father and son.

When Jeffries determined it was time to shift on from his relationship, he unknowingly tripped a result in wire for his ex-wife’s emotional imbalance which led her to enrolling their youngest son into her psychosis. It commenced with her having the 11 calendar year aged boy slumber in her mattress, and ongoing to the place that the father/son bond was strained to the position of breaking.

In distressing depth, Jeffries lays out the progression of his son’s conversion from loving juvenile to emotionally exhausted teenager who just are unable to tolerate the ongoing suffering of speak to with his father. In remarkably distinct language, Jeffries points out the transformation of his son, and the techniques made use of by his ex-spouse to produce the transformation.

By detailing out the seemingly innocuous steps of a involved mother or father, Jeffries is in a position to connect the dots of how one mother turned her son from his father. He paints a photo of the impotency of the courtroom program to assist him, based mostly on the inherent bias of the courts in mother’s favor, and the issues in attacking what appears to be absolutely nothing a lot more than a mother’s concern for the welfare of her young children. No 1 would like to imagine a mom could be so devious, deceitful and perilous, but she can be.

This e-book is an exceptional exploration into the “Wonderland” twistedness that is Parental Alienation. The lies, the deceits, and the volcanic eruptions of anger for seemingly insignificant transgressions, these are the battles in a war with no winners.

For every single man who is enduring this hell, for every single law firm who fights this variety of youngster abuse and for all the therapists who have to address the collaterally damaged young children, this e-book should be a first source in their armament.

In apparent, concise language, Dr. Joel Davies and Michael Jeffries clarify both of those the authentic-entire world effects and the fundamental sub-acutely aware motivations for this form of abuse.

These are difficult circumstances to try, for the reason that on the surface anything seems to be basically usual. It is only when you hook up the dots, that you can see the full picture. As tales like Jeffrie’s are designed community, recognition will develop, and with any luck ,, fathers and their small children can be reunited, or better still, under no circumstances divided.

The e book is available at http://afamilysheartbreak.com/