June 23, 2024


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Polyethylene Foam Packaging Solution in the Industries: How to Choose the Right Type?

Foam! At the mention of the word, you may think of the warmth and comfort of an evening bath, a place of relaxation in a cozy nest. But the foam in which we are interested is the name given to certain plastics when they are presented in a cellular form (polymers). It hides two natures: sometimes polyethylene, sometimes polyurethane. We are going to focus on polyethylene and it is much more technical than you might think. There is a lot of subtlety in thicknesses, densities and there also are so many varieties. The question is which type of polyethylene foam is the right packaging solution for your industry?

Reticulated or non-Reticulated Polyethylene Foam Packaging solution?

Polyethylene is the most popular plastic material used to make plastic bags for supermarkets, milk bottles and many toys for children. Now, you should know that there are two types of polyethylene:

  • reticulated or cross-linked polyethylene;
  • non reticulated or uncross-linked polyethylene.

To obtain a reticulated foam, the manufacturer explodes the cell by injecting a product or very high pressure with nitrogen, in order to make it much thinner. This allows to make a material that is even more beautiful. Concretely, if blocks of cellular polyethylene are very practical to wedge all types of products, the reticulated foam will be able to effectively protect very fragile objects, thanks to its rigidity, its sealing. Light, it is also durable, flexible, non-abrasive and non-corrosive. It is then highly advised to choose cross-linked laminated polyethylene planks to protect and embellish your merchandises.

Why Should You Choose Laminated Polyethylene planks for your Industry?

There are many reasons why laminated polyethylene planks are the best choice for your products. Describing, securing, protecting and preserving each item, simplifying its transport, its storage and its shelving, communicating and attracting the consumer: these are all the essential issues of your packaging strategy.

To meet all of the requirements and specificities of your industry sector, you must choose a manufacturer that is able to create a polyethylene foam packaging that reflect perfectly your corporate image. From the design office to the release of the batches in a secure and unique workflow, the manufacturer should be able to offer you customized and quality result. They must put at your disposal materials that can meet your expectations in terms of product response, resistance (the product weight, a specific product shape, various product applications) within a regulated framework.

It is good to know that if the life cycle of packaging, the recovery of waste, eco-design, and traceability are daily concerns for your professional teams, you must have more requirements. Thus, opt for a manufacturer that has the same values as you. They must respect all national and international standards as well as legal regulations.