Strange New Twist in Central Park Jogger Case

Claud Mccoid

The “Central Park Jogger” situation, which associated a brutal rape in 1989, is a single of the most famous wrongful-conviction tales in record.

So when information broke not long ago that a new defamation lawsuit has been filed in link with a new film about the situation, you could assume that it was introduced by a single of the defendants or a prosecutor or a cop. Instead, it was introduced by a enterprise that was pointed out in the film.

Initial, a recap:

As you could recall, the situation associated the practically deadly assault and rape of a white, 28-yr-old woman jogger in New York City’s Central Park, supposedly by a team of “wilding” black youths in 1989. In the long run, 5 black and Hispanic young adults who confessed to the act ended up tried out, observed responsible, and sentenced to jail phrases ranging from 6 to fifteen several … Read More