Claud Mccoid

On April 22, 2019, the Sixth Circuit Court docket of Appeals decided Taylor v. City of Saginaw[i], in which the court examined regardless of whether marking a parked car’s tires with chalk to establish if the auto is becoming moved, violates the Fourth Modification.

In Taylor, parking enforcement officers for the City of Saginaw utilised a technique referred to as “chalking” to establish how extensive a auto has been parked.  Utilizing this technique, the officer will use chalk to mark a parked car’s tires.  The officer will then check out the chalk marks right after a period of time of time to establish if the auto has been moved.  If the chalk marks are nevertheless on the tire, which is a signal that the auto has not been moved, the officer will concern a citation.  A parking enforcement officer utilised this technique on Taylor’s car or truck fifteen … Read More