June 24, 2024


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The Hidden Billion- Dollar Cost of Repeated Police Misconduct

Keith L. Alexander, Steven Prosperous, and Hannah Thacker ,  Reporters  –  The Washington Article

Stephan: One of the main challenges with legislation enforcement in the United States is how inadequately educated law enforcement are. Add that to the bully mindset so many police have, and you see this Politifact details, and it only up to June of 2020:
“Cops in Norway: have to have 3 a long time of schooling, 4 individuals killed because 2002.
Cops in Finland: call for 2 decades of teaching, 7 people today killed given that 2000.
Cops in Iceland: need 2 decades of teaching, 1 man or woman killed since ever.
Cops in the U.S.: have to have 21 months of teaching, 8,000+ folks killed given that 2001.”
You are paying for these $1.5 billion in payouts with your tax dollars. How do you feel about that?

This is the details for just one city, Philadelphia (2010-2020) A whole of $136 million. It is increased than complete nations in Western Europe and Japan Credit score: The Washington Write-up

About 8:30 1 Thursday night in Detroit, Tony Murray was getting completely ready for mattress forward of his 6 a.m. shift at a potato chip manufacturing facility. As he turned off the closing light-weight in the living room, he glanced out of his window and saw a fifty percent-dozen uniformed police officers with guns drawn solution his residence.

As the officers banged on the doorway, Murray ordered Keno, his black Labrador retriever, to the basement. As Murray permit the officers in, a single immediately pushed him to the floor and at the very least two other individuals ran to the cellar, he reported. “Don’t destroy my pet dog. He won’t bite you,” Murray pleaded. The seem of gunshots crammed the property. Keno’s barking, the 56-12 months-oldrecalled, morphed into the sound of “a female screaming.”

Officers searched Murray’s property for practically an hour, flipping his couch and […]