December 7, 2023


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The Lifecycle Of An International Athlete – Dealing With Divorce

Divorce decree and wedding rings with pen and gavel

This site in our collection for intercontinental athletes explains crucial details of English regulation in relation to spouse and children concerns and divorce.  

Even though the intricacies of contractual clauses and the tax productive structuring of assets are undoubtedly at the forefront of many advisers’ minds, an athlete’s romantic relationship standing really should similarly not be disregarded. Sportspeople, and all those advising them, should carefully think about the potential financial ramifications of relationships and their breakdowns, specifically provided that England is commonly regarded as “the divorce capital of the world”.   This website examines:

  • Important details for specialists who are already married (or in a civil partnership)
    • How is an entitlement to a divorce (and relevant economic statements) determined in England?
    • How will the English court docket divide money belongings upon a divorce?
    • How will the English courtroom handle revenue upon a divorce?
    • Will the situations of the partnership breakdown impact the divorce or affect on the monetary division?
  • What steps should be taken if the sportsperson is unmarried?
  • What techniques can be taken to minimise the threat of adverse publicity about relatives problems?


Tammy Knox