April 14, 2024


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Top 5 Spring Style Essentials

Spring is no doubt the most awaited time of the year, almost all over the world. Spring season is loved by everyone due to many reasons one of which is the pleasant weather. This season brings colours of joy with itself. This is the time of the year when you usually don’t wear too warm nor too light clothes.

This is the high time when instead of procrastinating you need to put away your sweaters and jackets and put away your winter boots and socks in cupboard. Here are Top 5 Spring Style Essentials that every man should possess to enjoy spring to its fullest:

  1. The bomber jacket: Wearing too many layers in spring will make you sweat throughout your day. You can wear long coats and heavy sweaters even when it is raining only. Bomber jacket is the best choice for midseason. It will not give you too much warmth. Bomber jacket goes well with T-shirt and a pair of jeans. When buying a bomber jacket, you don’t need to be size specific, it fits well on all body types and it gives a trendy and stylish look. Don’t forget to wear a colorful watch. A watch peeking out of a bomber jacket will definitely give a cooler impression.

  1. Pair of Sneakers: Pair of sneakers is a must have for every man these days. Sneakers are very comfortable to wear and give you trendy look. Wearing sneakers with jeans and a T-shirt will give you a sharp look. Sneakers in neutral colours are best for spring. White sneakers are the handiest ones. You can wear then with everything. They never go out of fashion.

  1. Chinos: you must be tired of wearing tight jeans throughout the winters. Mild spring weather gives you an opportunity to wear light chinos. You can try classic khaki ones or you can experiment with colours. Always wear unlined chinos or else your legs will start sweating in the sun.

  1. The Oxford shirt: An oxford shirt is must have essential in your wardrobe. This shirt boasts both comfort and versatility. You can completely rely on the oxford shirt throughout the year. You can wear it with or without sweater, that’s up to you- it looks good either way. It goes best with the pair jeans. Other than oxford shirt, you can also try stripped shirts in spring for a funky look.
  2. Light Knitwear: Spring weather is usually unpredictable. Sometimes it rains and sometimes sun shines bright. You cannot leave your home without a V-neck cashmere. It is very light in weight. You can wear it with collared shirt for an elegant look or you can also wear it over a T-shirt for a cool look. You can go for the multi coloured V-neck to add variety to your outfit.

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