June 19, 2024


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Transcending the Certainties of War

[Photo: Citizens of Enerhodar, Ukraine face off against Russian military (Screenshot from Twitter feed of @KyivIndependent)]

By Robert C. Koehler
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Editor’s Observe
A person of the certainties of war is that it is incredibly lucrative &#8211 for some. The United States is the number a single arms supplier in the planet, and six of the 10 biggest weapons and supply technique producers are in the United States with a mixed profits (in 2018) of $334.8 Billion  &#8211 a substantial portion of it in weapons (Tharawat Magazine). It really should be no shock that the prime weapons providers have been boasting prior to the Russian invasion of Ukraine that the tension was superior for organization.

There&#8217s another flock of vultures would dwell on rebuilding the metropolitan areas and infrastructure just after war, and help in extracting the mineral wealth of nations. Just one of the most significant and most entrenched is KBR (now a multinational corporation that is nearly a a single-stop-shop for pre and post-war demands. As they have emblazoned on their web-site, &#8220Offering solutions, Changing the world.&#8221 KBR, while substantial, is a subsidiary of Halliburton. You do recall Halliburton &#8211 the king of no-bid contracts whose former CEO was V.P. Dick Cheney.

Stephen Kinzer has written an excellent OpEd, &#8220US Navy Assist To Ukraine Assures A lot more Suffering And Demise&#8220. He pulls no punches when he states (emphases mine):

Never has the United States rushed so immediately to present so considerably superior-tech armament to a distant place by now enveloped in war. Alternatively than sending diplomats in an urgent energy to attain an armistice and cease the bloodshed, the United States is fueling an by now raging conflagration.

This week President Biden announced that he would deliver Ukraine a staggering $800 million well worth of “our most slicing-edge systems.”His largesse includes 800 Stinger missiles, which are hand-held projectiles that can provide down a military services jet or a civilian airliner, and 9,000 “anti-armor” units, which can blow up tanks or vans. They will not only be employed to destroy Russians, but also provoke Russia to respond by killing much more Ukrainians. Provided the number of mercenaries that equally sides are recruiting from all over the entire world, some of these weapons will practically undoubtedly leak onto the worldwide black market place. Glimpse for them to turn up in the arsenals of terrorists close to the world.

White Home: Actuality Sheet on U.S. Stability Support for Ukraine.

Thomas C. Frolich: The Entire world&#8217s Biggest Arms Dealers and Their Major Clients.

Congress has accepted $13.6 Billion in emergency assist to Ukraine having said that in accordance to a NY Periods report: &#8220The bill would ship $6.5 billion to the Pentagon to protect the expenditures of deploying American troops to Eastern-flank allies and giving Ukrainian forces with intelligence help, as perfectly as to backfill weapons the United States has previously sent to the authorities in Kyiv.&#8221

This is just a down payment on what is very likely to be sent (mainly to our have pockets &#8211 so to discuss), relying on how very long the fighting goes on and the rebuilding afterward, But it is nothing compared to the loss of daily life (human and nonhuman), households, heritage, connection, and the longlasting environmental hurt.

I can&#8217t help but cry for the bravery of those people people who flooded the roads to encounter the Russian troops with be sure to for peace and mercy.

Robert C. Koehler

Peace, in the deepest perception — in the midst of war — necessitates clarity and braveness well beyond the boundaries of linear knowing. The warning lights flash. Environment War III has entered the purple zone.

Can we stare into hell and refuse to see . . . an enemy?

This is the deep, haunting have to have that is now necessary, as we clutch tomorrow, hold it tight, vow to protect it with our lives. But it is far far too quick, as a substitute, to surrender to a certainty that the other man — Russia, with the smirking experience of Vladimir Putin — is 100 per cent incorrect, acting exclusively out of greed and delusional grandeur, which is some thing we would under no circumstances do (and have hardly ever done). And it goes without expressing we are innocent in all this. On with the clearly show!

“Twenty-4-hour cable news coverage of the unattractive war in Ukraine is preserving People hyped up and dumbed down,” writes Gerry Condon of Veterans for Peace. “The very real horror of war is on the screen for all to see. The bombed-out properties, the mounting civilian casualties and the frightened refugees speak their individual reality.”

None of this horror really should be minimized, bandaged in excess of, for the sake of “peace,” as cynics suppose. But, as Condon notes, “we almost never see the victims, the grieving people and the terrified refugees when the invader is the U.S. The ‘shock and awe’ U.S. terror bombing campaign on Baghdad was described by 1 network Television anchor as a ‘beautiful point to see.’” We also fail to recognize a few a long time of Western minimization of Russian concerns — of Russian existence.

“The conclusion to spurn the probability of tranquil coexistence with Russia at the conclude of the Cold War is a single of the most egregious crimes of the late 20th century,” writes Chris Hedges. Instead, he notes, we spiraled into “a furious frenzy of the Russia-hating that has been central to US society at any time since Planet War II.”

This is not about blame, but it is about accountability — in all instructions. Peace! It is an ongoing, collective approach, a vital pressure required particularly in the midst of conflict. It is about bridging gaps, listening to everyone, producing the long run. A conflict is not merely “solved,” but understood and transcended. In this context, satisfy Yurii Sheliazhenko, executive secretary of the Ukrainian Pacifist Motion, a board member of the European Bureau of Conscientious Objection and a member of the board of directors at Environment Past War.

Speaking from Kyiv with Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez of Democracy Now!, Sheliazhenko — in an outstanding interview — tells the environment that there is no army resolution to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Extra than that, he describes how peace as a pressure is confronting the invasion: “. . . brave Ukrainian civilians are . . . blocking streets and blocking tanks, just staying in their way without weapons. . . . to end the war. In Berdyansk metropolis and Kulykіvka village, folks arranged peace rallies and persuaded the Russian armed service to get out.”

Despite what we may perhaps study from media protection, there are approaches to confront war, to confront hell, devoid of participating in it. Sheliazhenko does not talk abstractly. What is required proper now is not the cancellation of Russia but a unification of the environment.

“War profiteers of the West are the exact risk to democracy as the authoritarian rulers of the East,” he said.

“Instead of breaking the past bonds of humanity out of rage, we will need additional than at any time to protect and strengthen venues of conversation and cooperation between all people on Earth, and each individual person exertion of that type has a price.”

Each individual past soul on this world is a participant in the peace process! This is a concept emerging from Ukraine. What is needed in this moment, of system, is a negotiated ceasefire, a Russian pullout. To that stop, here’s portion of the text of a letter Code Pink has penned to President Biden and Congress (your signature welcome):

“There is no military solution to the conflict over Ukraine, a region caught in the crossfire in between the U.S. and Russia, the world’s two most greatly armed nuclear nations. When the U.S. and the globe are rightfully denouncing Putin’s invasion of a sovereign country, the shelling of civilians, the destruction of homes and hospitals, and threats of nuclear assaults, the significant function the U.S. has performed in exacerbating the conflict that led up to Russia’s invasion should also be acknowledged and addressed.

“By breaking guarantees not to develop NATO into Japanese Europe, by placing offensive missiles in Romania and Poland that could attain Russia in minutes, by arming Ukrainian forces, by continuing to ‘modernize’ the U.S. nuclear arsenal and by withdrawing from vital nonproliferation treaties, the U.S. exacerbated the conflict that led up to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. We know that Russia should withdraw its troops and dedicate to respecting the sovereignty of Ukraine, but the United States should be all set to make compromises and support negotiations among Ukraine and Russia . . .”

The letter concludes with a checklist of commitments the U.S. wants to make to assistance a negotiated ceasefire transpire. Here’s what I would incorporate, in solidarity with Yurii Sheliazhenko: Indicator — and honor — the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons! It’s time to step into the foreseeable future, fellow residents of Earth Earth. Nuclear weapons are not a “deterrent.” They’re either an incident ready to come about or a geo-psychopath’s past end result. And the time to tuck them into record and shift towards true peace is N-O-W. We can change the invasion into the spark for world wide salvation.

Noting that the European Union is taking into consideration opening its doors to Ukraine, Sheliazhenko expressed joy at the chance of these a uniting, but added that a “consolidation of the West need to not be a consolidation in opposition to a so-known as enemy, against the East. East and West ought to discover the tranquil reconciliation and really should go after international governance, unity of all people today in the environment without the need of armies and borders.”


Robert C. Koehler
Robert C. Koehler

Robert Koehler, syndicated by PeaceVoice, is a Chicago award-successful journalist and editor. His e-book, Braveness Grows Potent at the Wound is readily available. Get in touch with him at [email protected] or go to his internet site at commonwonders.com.