June 23, 2024


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Uvalde police: How law enforcement’s narrative of the school massacre has changed

Then He posted messages on Facebook

On May possibly 25, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott told reporters the gunman shared his options on Facebook about 30 minutes before the massacre started off.

Abbott said the gunman wrote the pursuing 3 messages and described them as posts:

“I’m likely to shoot my grandmother.”

“I shot my grandmother.”

“I am going to shoot an elementary school.”

Now He despatched personal messages, not Fb posts

Soon just after Abbott’s reviews, a spokesperson for Meta — the parent enterprise of Fb — claimed the messages were “private just one-to-a single text messages that have been found just after the terrible tragedy occurred,” and were not community Fb posts.

On Could 27, DPS Director McCraw advised reporters he wanted to “correct something that was mentioned early on in the investigation — that he (the gunman) posted on Facebook, publicly, that he was heading to shoot his grandmother, and next soon after that that he had shot her, and the 3rd that he was likely to go shoot up a college. That did not take place.”

Hours later on, Abbott mentioned he was “livid” that he was given completely wrong info in advance of speaking at the May well 25 information conference.

“I wrote down hand notes in element about what all people in that home informed me in sequential buy about what transpired. And when I arrived out listed here on this phase and advised the community what transpired, it was a recitation of what persons in that home told me — no matter if it be regulation enforcement officers or non-regulation enforcement officers,” Abbott explained.

“And as everyone has discovered, the info that I was provided turned out in element to be inaccurate. And I am totally furious about that.”