September 22, 2023


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Vicarious Legal responsibility Beneath Agreement Legal guidelines


As subject of justice one particular who commits erroneous is a incorrect doer and he should be held dependable for that erroneous. Having said that there are some situations in which a single is held dependable for the wrongs committed by other people. This rule is known as vicarious legal responsibility. This idea makes legislation of tort comparable to felony law in Sec. 34 and 149 of Penal Code.

2. DEFINITION OF Liability:

I. In accordance TO SALMOND:

“Liability or accountability is the bound of requirement that exists between the erroneous doer and the cure of the wrong doer.

3. Types OF Legal responsibility:

Adhering to are the different types of liability:

(i) Civil legal responsibility

(ii) Legal liability

(iii) Remedial liability

(iv) Vicarious liability

(v) Stringent legal responsibility

4. Indicating OF VICARIOUS Legal responsibility:

The term vicarious is taken from the phrase VICAR which means representative of God, in a Christian church vicarious legal responsibility indicates representative, liability, or obligation of one particular man or woman for tort committed by other folks.



Vicarious liability is a principle where by the regulation retains one particular person responsible for the misconduct of yet another.

6. VICARIOUS Legal responsibility IN Criminal Law:

Vicarious liability is not typical in legal regulation. A human being can not be punished for a criminal offense committed by another. Vicarious legal responsibility for crimes is governed by Sec. 34 and Sec. 149 PPC which held person liable for the functions of many others.

7. VICARIOUS Liability IN CIVIL Instances:

Civil legislation acknowledges the theory of vicarious legal responsibility. The suitable of wounded social gathering to obtain redress carries on towards the representative of the dead.

8. ARISMENT OF VICARIOUS Legal responsibility


A man or woman is liable for the functions of an additional man or woman if that human being has fully commited that act with the previous authority of these person or this sort of person subsequently ratified the act of that individual.

Disorders Next situations ought to be pleased to maintain a human being liable for the act of an additional on the floor of ratification.

(a) Only this kind of functions binds the principal, what is accomplished on his behalf.

(b) The human being ratifying the act need to have expertise of tortuous and character of the act.

(c) Unlawful and void functions can not be ratified.

II. Liability BY ABETMENT: A individual who abets to commit the tort is accountable for that act.

III. Legal responsibility OF Romance:

Legal responsibility for the acts of other people may well arise out of present specific romantic relationship between them.

(a) Master and Servant:

A learn is liable to every these act of the servant as it is committed in the program of employment, assistance of or organization while no specific command be proved. This is centered on the maxim “Let the excellent be liable”.

> Reasons for Vicarious Legal responsibility of Grasp:

The causes for vicarious liability of master for the tort of his servant are as below.

(a) Master is in exceptional placement.

(b) He receives consolation from services of his servant.

(c) He is viewed as wealthy.

(d) He can pay back damages.

(e) Negligence of grasp to decide on his servant.

> Instances where by Master is not Liable for the Tort of his Servant

In the adhering to cases master is not accountable for the functions of his servant.

(a) Circumstance wherever servant departed from the instruction of his master.

(b) Scenario where by the act is accomplished outside the training course of the provider.

(e) Wherever servant delegated his responsibilities.

(f) Circumstance exactly where grasp is obliged by regulation to make use of a servant.

(g) Case the place act was carried out by the servant out facet the authority of the grasp.


(1) Principal and Agent:

A principal is liable to third person for tortiuous act of his servant if it was performed in the scope of his company, whilst the principal did not authorize it.

(2) Company and Director:

A company is liable to third man or woman for tort arising from undertaking of particular iltra vires functions by its administrators.

(3) Firm and Companion:

A organization is liable for torts fully commited by a spouse in the regular bring about of the business enterprise of the firm.

(4) Guardian and Ward:

Guardian are not personally liable for torts fully commited by insignificant beneath their cost but guardians can sue for particular injuries to minimal underneath their cost on their behalf.

9. Summary:

To conclude I can say that a male is liable only for his own functions but there are selected conditions in which legal responsibility connect to him for the erroneous dedicated by other people. The legal responsibility of a individual may perhaps arise in 3 techniques less than legislation of torts.