Visual production considerations in the age of COVID-19

Claud Mccoid

In the course of the COVID-19 disaster the landscape of visual media creation in the earth is switching as the business attempts to adapt to the new dynamic. Equally governments and non-public sector players (i.e. associations, electronic platforms, unions etc.) are endeavoring to support the continuation of creation by introducing satisfactory overall health and basic safety actions….
By: Dentons

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Veridica descrizione, e ragguaglio distinto della Promulgazione delle colpe, e dell'abjura solenne, e della condanna di galera fulminata dal Santo Tribunale dell’Inquisizione di Brescia, contro Giuseppe Beccarelli da Vrago d’Olio, li 13. settembre 1710.

In Brescia: Per Gio. Maria Rizzardi, con licenza de’ superiori, 1710. 1 sheet (1 page) : illustration fifty two x 37 cm. Beccarelli was experimented with for quietism and other crimes to which he confessed below torture.