October 4, 2023


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When Can a Will Be Modified Or Reformed Under Texas Law?

Only a personal representative can petition the court for modification or reformation of a will less than Texas law.  A beneficiary does not have the ability to petition for the courtroom for modification or reformation.

When Can The Courtroom Buy Modification Or Reformation Of a Will?

The Court docket desires a reason to buy modification or reformation of a will beneath Texas law.  Segment 255.451 features numerous factors, like:

  • To make the administration of the estate much more productive
  • Have out tax targets
  • Support a beneficiary in receiving authorities advantages
  • Appropriate a scrivener’s error if clear and convincing proof of the testator’s intent is introduced

All modification or reformation of a will will have to be accomplished with the overarching objective to conform to the testator’s probable intent, and is an work out of the court’s discretion.  Texas Estates Code § 255.452.

Does The Private Agent Have a Duty To Seek Modification or Reformation Of a Will?

No, the Texas individual representative has no obligation to seek modification or reformation of a testator’s will, irrespective of how apparent or probable it is that the courtroom would grant reformation or modification.  The personalized agent also has no responsibility to notify beneficiaries about the availability of a will reformation or modification.

What Is The Deadline To Modify or Reform a Will Under Texas Law?

4 yrs.  The deadline to search for judicial modification or reformation of a will is 4 many years from the day that the will is admitted to probate.  See Deadlines and Timelines In Texas Probate.

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Texas Estates Code Area 255.451: Instances Under Which Will May well Be Modified Or Reformed

Texas Estates Code § 255.451 governs the instances less than which a will may be modified or reformed and is set forth below:

(a) Subject to the requirements of this section, on the petition of a own representative, a court docket may perhaps order that the terms of the will be modified or reformed, that the personal consultant be directed or permitted to accomplish acts that are not approved or that are prohibited by the terms of the will, or that the private agent be prohibited from accomplishing functions that are required by the phrases of the will, if:

(1) modification of administrative, nondispositive phrases of the will is vital or appropriate to protect against squander or impairment of the estate&#8217s administration

(2) the get is needed or correct to reach the testator&#8217s tax goals or to qualify a distributee for govt positive aspects and is not contrary to the testator&#8217s intent  or

(3) the get is essential to correct a scrivener&#8217s mistake in the terms of the will, even if unambiguous, to conform with the testator&#8217s intent.

(a-1) A individual agent in search of to modify or reform a will beneath this area ought to file a petition on or in advance of the fourth anniversary of the date the will was admitted to probate.

(b) An order explained in Subsection (a)(3) may well be issued only if the testator&#8217s intent is set up by very clear and convincing proof.

(c) Chapter 123, Property Code, applies to a proceeding underneath Subsection (a) that includes a charitable have confidence in.

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